Director for Education Development

Global Peace Foundation Kenya is a chapter of Global Peace Foundation an international, non-sectarian, non-partisan organization that promotes an innovative values-based approach to peace building guided by the vision that all humankind belong to one family. In Kenya, GPF advances models of sustainable peace and development through innovative partnerships with stakeholders across the world united by a commitment to universal principles and shared values as the foundation for ethical and cohesive societies.

GPF Kenya is seeking for a new senior team member for the position Director for Education Development. He/She must be passionate about Transforming Education, recognize that education is undergoing unprecedented change and is driven to make a significant and meaningful difference.
He/She must be a talented, entrepreneurial, non-traditional and results orientated director to develop and implement our Character and Creativity Initiative (CCI), which empowers teachers and principals to transform their school’s culture focused on the mission of raising the Total Child in High Schools. This means eliminating the silos that exist is schools and has teachers working in teams and communities to create great schools that prepare students for lifelong success.
He/She will work with transformative principals, teachers, Ministries of Education, businesses, NGO’s and will be involved in creating a network of high-impact demonstration schools for future replication, scaling and advocacy. He/she will also guide a series of Forums on Transforming Education with cross-sector change leaders in these countries.
He/she will identify and implement new types of principal leadership and teacher professional development materials and tools for educators. He/she will formulate strategic objectives, promote partner development, build a network of expertise, and create evaluation methodologies.
He/She will report to and work with the Country Chapter Director and the Global Peace Education Team, He/She will also liaise with the Director of Organizational Development and Director of Communications to support resource development and sharing of best practices. Finally, in this role he/she will build a teamwork-oriented organizational culture, create systems to improve efficiency, and oversee interns and research projects.
YOU MUST BE knowledgeable about education systems and how to transform them, comfortable working in an entrepreneurial environment and have the diplomatic skills for building and maintaining cross-cultural relationships with key stakeholders.

The Director of Education Development is responsible for exercising leadership, creativity, ownership and teamwork to accomplish the following:

  • Partner Development and Management: Must be able to manage complex corporate, government, funding and education partnerships with collective outcomes and develop partnerships around ambitious education goals and outcomes
  • Resource Development for education initiatives and funding their scale-up. Must have experiences of raising BOTH Cash and In-Kind.
  • Program Development experience. Competently able to develop the depth of Character and Creativity Initiatives, Leap Hubs and the Initiative for Transforming Education. Must be confident to scale these programs to hundreds of schools nationally.
  • Guiding the creation of a network of high-impact demonstration schools for future replication, scaling and advocacy.
  • Implement new types of principal leadership and teacher professional development by identifying, adapting, and/or developing new forms of professional development that support a thriving school and classroom culture
  • Identifying, adapting or developing tools and support materials for schools, such as best practices, manuals, etc.
  • Identifying exemplary in-country principals, teachers, schools (such as private schools) and leveraging them for professional development of the demonstration schools
  • Providing support and capacity building by supporting stakeholders, guiding implementation based on local context through meetings and conducting online communication
  • Identifying the needs of the demonstration schools and creating and continually refining tools and training.
  • Develop guidelines for partner identification, vetting and relationship development.
  • Guiding a series of Forums on Transforming Education with cross-sector change leaders in assigned countries.
  • Develop guideline and build strategy for forums on transforming education that bring panelists and participants who are education change leaders in each country.
  • Develop strategy and approaches for creating several types and levels of networks.
  • Identify appropriate measurement and evaluations recommendations and work with the international team to leverage in-country stakeholders to implement them.
  • Build an organizational culture focused on teamwork, efficiency, and “high quality over quantity”
  • Build teamwork-oriented systems to improve efficiency and workflow
  • Continuous Learning: quickly learn new material, becoming an expert in Global Peace Education’s area of work.


  • Passion for transforming education so that it is relevant in today’s world.
  • An understanding of how education and organization systems function and skills in transforming them.
  • The ability to integrate work with program directors, resource development directors, and other team members.
  • Have extremely good time management and workload management skills
  • Demonstrate an adaptive approach to working in a small team start up organization, which requires flexibility, thinking on one’s feet, and diplomacy.
  • Willingness to work flexible hours. This is not a traditional 9-5 job.
  • The ability to build a community and thrive at connecting people towards a common cause.
  • A systems-level strategic thinker: You deeply understand how to design, implement, and sustain successful strategies.
  • Demonstrate an inquisitive and analytical mind, able to identify opportunities, and bring together trends from varied sources.
  • Driver: You get things done, and you’ve shown it through several years of results.
  • Organized and responsive: You take ownership of every project you take on and see it through completely, setting targets, engaging others, and doing whatever it takes, according to ethical principles, to finish the job. You can coordinate all parts of a project and never lose sight of either the big picture or the details.
  • Emergent leader: When faced with a challenge, you are confident enough to step in and take the lead. However, you can also recognize when you should step back and let someone else lead.
  • Innovative problem-solver: Working on a young program comes with huge and persistent challenges, but you have the determination and tenacity to handle this like a professional.
  • Life-long learner: Believing you can always improve; you welcome constructive criticism and openly provide it to others.
  • Passionate Advocate for transforming education: You profoundly believe in the value of GPF’s work, and are willing to contribute 100% of your energy to create its success.

Interested and qualified candidates are requested to submit their curriculum vitae and motivation letter to by 13th February, 2017 close of business. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.