Global Peace Women (GPW) Kenya

06 April, 2015 Africa, CCI Case Study
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GPW is a divison of GPF that advances women led initiatives which promote the extended family model and create an environment for peace to begin in the home.

Global Peace Women (GPW) is a division of the Global Peace Foundation dedicated empowering women and girls to promote their leadership role in the family & community for social transformation through value-based education and service initiatives.

“The dream of peace cannot be achieved without the support of women who constitute half of the world’s population. The original nature and the experience of women strengthen social activities and is an essential contribution to realizing the dream of establishing One Family under God” – Dr. Hyun Jin Moon

  • To protect women’s rights and elevate women’s status in society
  • To improve women’s leadership and capacity building.
  • To educate and raise awareness of the innate value of women.
  • To strengthen and promote healthy families.
  • To resolve social conflicts and create a peaceful world through our movement and working together with other organizations

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GPE collaborates with educators and change-makers to make education relevant to today’s world by preparing students to succeed in the 21st century economy.

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This is a community-based development program that is committed to fostering family self-reliance in the communities in which it works.

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GPY educates youth to become leaders with moral and innovative capacity by forming a movement of young leaders from all backgrounds working towards peace.

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