4th December, 2017, Global Peace Foundation represented by Dr. Tony Devine, the International Vice President, Global Peace Foundation from Seattle and Mr. Daniel Juma, Executive Director, Global Peace Foundation Kenya and Oracle represented by Corine Mbiaketcha; Oracle Kenya Country Leader and Managing Director, has announced a partnership agreement with Oracle Academy. Oracle Academy’s free program offers learning resources and technologies for individual students and educators, and comprehensive computer science education programs and resources for secondary schools, technical/vocational schools, and two and four-year colleges and universities. The collaboration is one of the strategic goals by Global Peace Foundation to ensure high school students are impacted with modern technological skills required in the 21st Century work environment.

“Innovation and creativity are Africa’s inevitable critical success factors. Cloud computing technology enables our developers to build specific solutions to address our local challenges at a minimum costs and time. Spreading out those IT skills at the school level in Kenya, known as the Silicon Savana is building the strong foundations of the mindset that will change the continent. Education is a key priority and partnering with Global peace foundation to achieve such in a well-structured network of selected schools and Professionals is a blessing,” says Corine Mbiaketcha.

Oracle will train teachers and students from 124 public high schools which are spread out across the 47 counties on Java Fundamentals and Introduction to Databases. As one of the ways to assess impact, with the help of teachers, students will be expected to use the skills gained to solve real world problems.

Global Peace Foundation works with Ministries of Education and corporate partners like Intel, Cisco and Oracle to build public secondary school students’ 21st-century work-force skills. Students experientially learn digital technology, explore entrepreneurial enterprises, grow team-work and real-world problem-solving skills, and develop core values of leadership and integrity. Creating entrepreneurial hubs and empowered youth is a key part of the pilot programming in three countries. Global Peace Foundation partners with national Ministries of Education to train teachers on innovative approaches to education transformation in the classroom. We have long-term partnerships in place in the Philippines, Kenya, and Paraguay. Through ongoing advocacy and learning together, we are leveraging pilot programming to scale and driving change in educational systems on a national level. Transforming education develops a workforce that drives employment and economic development, societal and political stability, and ethical societies free from corruption.

The Leap Hubs has empowered high school students with technology skills that they are using to provide solutions. The world of today has changed, so should the education system. Students should graduate from high ready to be job creators because the current rate of unemployment is alarming.” said Manu Chandaria, the Patron, and Global Peace Foundation Kenya. “We believe this collaboration with Oracle will unlock a lot of potential in not only the high school students but also the teachers. Our goal is to see students graduating making them skills needed to succeed in today’s ever changing work environment. In the long run reducing cases of unemployment”, reiterated Dr. Tony Devine, International Vice President, and Global Peace Foundation.

The implementation of Oracle Academy in public high schools offers educators and students computer science education resources to advance knowledge, skills development, innovation and diversity in technology fields. Computing isn’t just for technology companies anymore−all students everywhere need access to good computer science education to be college and career ready in today’s global economy.

At Oracle Academy, we are delighted to work with Global Peace Foundation to help ensure that their students graduate ready to succeed in all aspects of life and in the twenty-first century economy,” said Jane Richardson, Senior Director, Oracle Academy, Europe, Middle East and Africa. “We look forward to providing Oracle Academy training in our Database and Java Programming curriculum to local teachers, who will bring this learning of computer science and programming into their classrooms for the benefit of their students. Education is a prerequisite to future innovation, and students and educators who engage with Oracle Academy gain industry-relevant skills and knowledge that enrich their futures. Today’s announcement continues our momentum to advance digital education and increase diversity in technology fields globally.” She concluded

Oracle Academy membership costs nothing and offers individual learners, educators, and educational institutions access to world-class technology, expertly developed learning materials and curriculum, training, and other resources.