Global Peace Foundation Launches the Education Program in Embu County

January 28, 2016 – The Global Peace Foundation launched its education program in Embu County to empower teachers and students with skills and competencies needed to flourish in the world today. With its central location in the county, Embu High School was identified as an ideal institution for a demonstration school for the Leap Hubs and CCI programs. The school will play a major role in spear heading the two programs in the county.

In this regard, GPF facilitated a one day workshop for 17 tutors at Embu High School to introduce the education programs: Character and Creativity Initiatives (CCI) and Leadership and Entrepreneurship Hubs (Leap Hub). The workshop was led by the director for Education Initiatives, Ms. Caroline Amollo who reiterated the importance of producing students who are all rounded and competitive in the work environment.

“The working environment today has changed drastically from mechanical, linear, static and predictable to organic, dynamic and changing” she said, “your roles as tutors must also be transformed to meet these changes, so that our students can compete fairly ” she concluded.

Ms. Amina Swedi who is the Programs Assistant of Education Initiatives, took the teachers through the main objective of integrating Character, Creativity in classroom. She highlighted major aspects to incorporated in teaching to ensure students are mold into morally upright and innovative young people who execute leadership in their areas of responsibility.

Ms. Diana Kwamboka, the Leap Hubs Assistant presented on the importance of using technology in classrooms. She also explained how the Leap Hubs and CCI programs use technology to improve learning.

Technology helps teachers prepare students for the real world environment. As the world becomes increasingly more technology-dependent, it becomes even more necessary to help our students become tech-savvy.”


GPF Partners with Mount Kenya University to Promote Peace

Global Peace Foundation Kenya has signed a memorandum of understanding with Mount Kenya University to provide a platform through which young people can engage and share on innovative ways of promoting peace and reconciliation among students.

The agreement with MKU, a fully fledged chartered university committed to a broad-based, holistic and inclusive system of education, was signed at MKU Thika Main Campus on 21st January, 2016. The institution has a student population of about 50,000 spread across the Eastern Africa region who hail from diverse socio-economic, religious and ethnic backgrounds.

The two institutions will co-operate in the formulation and implementation of projects, technical support, capacity building, and sharing of learning in the areas addressing youth radicalization, especially among students in universities.

The impact of this initiative will have far-reaching benefits on peace, ethical governance and inter-community/religious harmony in the region.

“Through innovative leadership training, we shall also mold young, value-conscious and accountable leaders,” said Prof. Stanley Waudo, Vice-Chancellor, MKU.

MKU and GPF Kenya will also create awareness among the youth on the dangers of radicalization and recruitment to violent extremist organizations. Last year, 147 students of Garissa University were killed when terrorists attacked the institution.

Daniel Juma Omondi, the Executive Director of GPF Kenya and other key program managers represented the organization at the signing ceremony.

To kickoff the partnership, the two organizations are planning to have an Interfaith Peace Symposium at Mt. Kenya University- Mombasa Campus as the first joint activity.

The People Daily Reports; MKU in bid to promote peace


Youth Interfaith Forum Calls for Religious Cooperation and Understanding

Global Peace Foundation Kenya in partnership with the county government of Mombasa, Kenya Women Holdings (Tuvuke), Interreligious Council of Kenya, and Human Rights Agenda held an Interfaith Youth ‘Boot Camp’ on December 18-19, 2015 to emphasize the importance of inter-religious cooperation and coexistence and the threat of radicalization for youth in the Mombasa coastal region.

The two-day event, ‘Unity in Diversity: One Nation Under God,’ included presentations, break out discussion groups, and a visit to both mosque and church. Participants said it was rare in Mombasa for youth from different religions to interact, and some described it as the best experience in their lives. A majority of Christian youths said they had never entered a mosque due to misconceptions and deeply rooted misgivings.

“This was a life transforming experience for me. My parents may not understand why I entered the mosque, but I will let them know how this dream of One Family Under God is real and timely.” – a Christian participant

Kenya faces a growing challenge of youth radicalization, with extremist violence from Somalia and South Sudan threatening the border region and sensational terrorist attacks undermining security and exacerbating internal struggles between Muslims and Christians. The Global Peace Foundation conducts ongoing programs to foster religious tolerance and cooperation, especially among youth in coastal Mombasa, the second largest city in Kenya in a predominately Muslim region.

During the opening ceremony, Daniel Juma, Executive Director of the Global Peace Foundation-Kenya, explained how the Foundation’s global vision of “One Family under God” is also aligned with the Ubuntu spirit in Africa—the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity—the preamble of the Kenyan constitution and the national anthem.

Juma emphasized the need to understand that all people, regardless of race, nationality, or religion, come from one Origin or Creator, and are thus brothers and sisters of one human family. He explained as brothers and sisters under one parent, people have the ability to love each other beyond differences, to genuinely care for one another and to realize the same dream.

The camp concluded with a graduation ceremony officiated by Mombasa Imams and church leaders. Working with key partners, Global Peace Foundation through its Amani Pwani, or “peace at the coast” initiative, continues to promote coexistence and harmony among Kenyan people.