Dr. Soonok Kang, Global Peace Women, Secretary General in Kenya

In the week of 1st August, 2015, GPF Kenya hosted the International Secretary General of Global Peace Women (GPW), Dr. Soonok Kang who was visiting to establish a foundation for GPW programs in Kenya. During her visit, Dr. Kang held various meetings accompanied by the GPW Kenya Coordinator Ms. Misco Mungai including courtesy calls with Dr. Ida Odinga, Dr. & Mrs Aruna Chandaria, National Assembly Lady Spouses Association, Kenya Women & Children Wellness Center (KWCWC), World Vision among others. The aim of the meetings was to establish partnerships to implement GPW program in Kenya.

GPW, a division of Global Peace Foundation is promoting healthy families as well as the extended family model as a foundation for world peace. In Kenya, the program is launching a mentorship program for vulnerable young mothers living in the slums of Kayole in Nairobi and parenting education for women groups working with other GPF programs. In the meetings, Dr. Kang shared the overall goal of GPW to promote the innate value of women and their leadership role from the home for social transformation.

“We cannot achieve world peace by enforcing laws only. For peace to be sustainable, it must begin from the home. We must therefore promote universal values from the family level and empower women to be good role models to their children and spearhead social transformation” she reiterates.

Mrs. Sunita Nathoo, Executive Director at Kenya Women & Children Wellness Centre expressed interest in the values-based approach used by GPW in implementing its programs. She emphasised the need to empower families which is the most important institution in a society. Dr. Manu Chandaria, Patron GPF emphasised the need to empower women with relevant skills and education to manage their homes and take up leadership positions in the society. “As we push for the 2/3 gender rule in our parliament today, we must also ensure that the women taking up those positions have the capacity to lead and be good role models for other aspirants” he reiterated.

GPW Kenya and Kenya Women & Children Wellness Centre agreed to establish a partnership to provide health education to the young women in Kayole as well as values-based education to the groups working under KWCWC. Follow up meetings will be initiated to firm up the partnership.