Initiative for Transforming Education Launched in Kenya

Nairobi, Kenya June 11 2015 – GPF Kenya launched the Initiative for Transforming Education (ITE) at the Center for Mathematics, Science and Technology in East Africa (CEMASTEA) through a joint collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development, CEMASTEA, Kenya Secondary Schools Association (KESSHA), Brand Kenya Board, National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC), Chandaria Foundation, and Success for Africa.

Formerly known as the National Committee for Transforming Education in Kenya (NACOTE), ITE has the broad mandate to transform education in Kenya by recognizing the urgent need to address emerging issues in education which include: the relevance of integrating technology and innovation in education, professionalism, broad based evaluation of learning outcomes among other issues.

ITE recognizes that a transformed teaching profession leading to a total, all – rounded learner is dependent on character and relationships that develop within the school environment. Therefore, character and creativity, leadership and entrepreneurship must become central to the learning experience in order for our education system to produce graduates ready for success in life in the 21st Century.

“Knowledge in the 21st Century is paramount, we need teachers who will change schools, who will guide and build healthy relationshipswith the students to curb some of the social ills in our society which are a result of poorly developed character,” said Mr. Njoroge, the Director at CEMASTEA.


GPF Participates in the Count Down to Peace Day Forum

Nairobi, Kenya June 16 2015 – Today Global Peace Foundation – Kenya (GPF Kenya) participated in the Countdown to Peace Day forum held at the Intercontinental Hotel to share best practices and promote the relevance of the International Peace Day celebrations in schools. The forum brought together various stakeholders from Government Agencies, UN bodies, NGOs, Faith-Based Organizations, Sports and Cultural Corporations among others.

Representing GPF Kenya, the Executive Director, Mr. Daniel Juma, shared the activities the organization in collaboration with National Cohesion and Integration Committee (NCIC), and the Ministry of Education among other stake holders did to mark the 2014 International Peace Day Celebrations at state. He emphasized the need  for Education to inspire young people in schools to get involved in Peace Day” reiterating the need to raise a “total child” with the values and competencies required to succeed in the 21st century economy.

We need to transform our education system to incorporate universal values and competencies that can churn out moral and innovative leaders as well as peace ambassadors. We must therefore start nurturing our youth while they are still young through programs like the Character and Creativity Initiative in high schools, Peace Day activities among other things” he added.

This inspired the participants of the forum to also involve the communities in for forthcoming 2015 Peace Day celebrations in order to achieve a greater impact.


Global Peace Foundation Partners with Airtel to Support Leap hub Schools with Internet

Nairobi, Kenya June 17, 2015 – Global Peace Foundation, today partnered with Airtel Kenya to support 41 schools in the Leadership and Entrepreneurship Hubs program with provision of free internet connection.
Through the partnership, Airtel will offer free internet connection to students within the program who use the internet to access online resources and tools that help nurture and develop their business ideas. The support is part of Airtel’s ongoing community program- Internet for Schools designed to provide internet connectivity to millions of students in the country ensuring that they are able to leverage the information, access and content that the internet provides.

Speaking during the event at Mary Leakey Girls High School, Airtel Kenya CEO lauded the achievement of the program noting that such an initiative is a lifetime opportunity to sustainably nurture business ideas, serve communities and reduce unemployment in the country.

“Our youth are the leaders of the future and there is no greater investment a nation can make than invest in its mushrooming youthful population. Through joint efforts with all the partners, I am convinced that LEAP Hub program will continue to create a platform for Kenyan youth to unlock their potential and hereby urge the youth to take advantage of this opportunity and make the most of it. Through our Internet for Schools program, we have so far connected 167 schools across the country impacting over 250,000 students to-date, with a plan to connect at least 1 million students to the internet,” said Mr. El Youssefi.

Students participating in the LEAP Hubs program continue to go through leadership and entrepreneurship training focusing on business plan development, financial literacy and critical 21st century skills that will empower them to be self-reliant job creators as opposed to job seekers. The program has so far reached out to 15 schools in Nairobi, Kiambu and Machakos County and is expected to expand to other parts of the country in the coming months with an expected growth of 40 schools in the first year.

On his part, the Patron of Global Peace Foundation Dr. Manu Chandaria noted that through the program, the Foundation has demonstrated global leadership and a pioneering intervention to address a core issue: youth readiness for employment that transcends grade point averages to include essential competencies in character and creativity.

“Globally, 75 million unemployed youth represent a sobering global crisis with consequences that include increased violence, political instability and income inequality. In Kenya, 75 percent of new post-secondary graduates fail to find jobs in the highly competitive labor market. Youth business and social entrepreneurship can be a tool for empowerment, allowing them to create jobs as well as solve real social problems in their communities,” said Dr. Chandaria.