• Global Peace Education (GPE) Kenya

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    GPE collaborates with educators and change-makers to make education relevant to today’s world by preparing students to succeed in the 21st century economy.

  • Africa Peace Service Corps (APSC)

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    APSC is a youth service network spanning Africa, that aims at igniting the sprit of volunteerism among youth and engaging them in innovative and creative ways through participation in their communities.

  • Global Peace Women (GPW) Kenya

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    GPW is a divison of GPF that advances women led initiatives which promote the extended family model and create an environment for peace to begin in the home.

  • Global Peace Development

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    This is a community-based development program that is committed to fostering family self-reliance in the communities in which it works.

  • Global Peace Youth (GPY) Kenya

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    GPY educates youth to become leaders with moral and innovative capacity by forming a movement of young leaders from all backgrounds working towards peace.

Fostering Interfaith Understanding and Collaboration

GPF Kenya's activities are guided by the fundamental principles and shared values that all humankind is One Family under God.

Strengthening Families

We recognize the significance of empowering women in their unique roles (as mothers, daughter and sisters) in the family. They have a natural gift to create an environment and experience of home and family.

Promoting a Culture of Service

GPF Kenya has committed its efforts in creating a culture of service by empowering youth whose idealism are consistently misdirected in materialistic and pleasure-centered pursuits.

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Become a Global Peace Volunteer

You can make a difference! We engage our volunteers in a variety of service areas, including; Environment, Life Skills Training, Health, Peace Building and Mentor-ship. You can make a difference in the lives of those in the community who are in dire need..JOIN TODAY

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GPF Kenya to Partner with IBM in Launching Digital Nation Africa Programme

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  • Our Leap Hub Students Say Read Below

    Adopt a Tree aims at building students’ character and enabling peaceful co-existence in the school and community and society at large. For every tree planted, a virtue is attached. A group of students are assigned to that tree to take good care of it and as it grows, the named virtue grows in the students.

    Mrs. Margaret Kiprono, Senior Teacher Head of Environment, Buru Buru Girls
  • Our Leap Hub Students Say Read Below

    “It is necessary to establish more incubation centers where students can nurture their skills and develop their innovative ideas. I am excited by incubation centers where young people are developing products and exploring economic opportunities”.

    H.E. Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta (President, Republic of Kenya.)
  • Our Leap Hub Students Say Read Below

    “We have learnt a lot from the students and I noticed a lot of them have a passion for technology related businesses. We would be happy to offer IT mentorship as well in our area of expertise when the need arises”

    Ms. Aigelgel Murbe (CSR Manager, Airtel Kenya.)
  • Our Leap Hub Students Say Read Below

    “Am fascinated by the kind of ideas students from other schools have. My team has so much to do after this. I hope we can have the same mentors visiting us in our schools before the next hackathon”.

    Ashura Mkangi (A student, Mary Leakey Girls School.)